Faculty of Medicine

Greetings from the Dean


Welcome to our home on the web. If you are here, then I presume you are contemplating medicine as your career of choice. A career in medicine is a noble career and the study of medicine requires a determined individual who is willing to accept that a doctor's job is about passion, commitment and a desire for a life-long learning.

If you can see yourself as such, then we are here to assist and guide you to be that individual that you will be glad to see as your attending doctor. In our medical programme, you will be trained and taught by experienced medical specialists and lecturers. A doctor's job requires the ability to integrate the various knowledge related to medicine, and so our integrative system of learning will ensure that you obtain that required knowledge in the field of medicine. Through the application of an integrated learning approach, we will ensure that you are able to draw the big picture involving the various medical knowledge required to counter a medical issue.

A good doctor needs to be in tune with the changing knowledge and the changing technology in medicine. The rapid and vast advancement of science and technology means that new medical knowledge and medical approaches continuous to be developed for continuous improvement in the medical field; and so it is imperative that you develop the passion for lifelong learning and the independent skills to seek that knowledge. The teaching and learning here therefore is the student centered approach to ensure that you develop the passions and an independent learning skills for a lifelong learning.

So visualize yourself as such individual, and we will guide you to be that person.


Assoc. Prof. Syed Rahim bin Syed Hamid,

Dean, Faculty of Medicine

UniKL Royal College of Medicine Perak