'Feels like home'. That is how our students describe their feelings on staying at UniKL RCMP

White water rafting and Gua Tempurung activities have been organized by Kelab Kembara Kita or KKK with a great collaboration with KREMSI club from UniKL MSI, Kulim. These activities were executed on 21 and 22 April 2019 at Gopeng, Perak. They were 25 RCMP students, 25 MSI students, Miss Syahidatul Akmar Safian, staff from RCMP and Mr. Muhammad Megat, staff from MSI involved in this program.

All of us reached Dimal Chalet at 12.30pm we were placed in several dorms and houses. After we had our lunch and performed Zuhur prayer, we had a briefing regarding the introduction and safety aspect of water rafting activity before we were brought to the starting point by 2 lorries. We started our activity with water confidence session before we been assigned in our own group together with our professional river guide and his boat. Before we start, we were briefed again regarding safety including the paddling commands, paddling skills, capsize drills, actions when overboard or river rescue with the practical session as well. We were so excited but at the same time, we were anxious since most of us never had any rafting experience before.

The fun began about 3pm and we could feel our adrenaline rush throughout this 2.5 hours ride. Along the river, we had the thrills of tackling exciting rapids and floating down the clear water river amidst a lush rainforest. We also ride the continuous rapids down the river, passing by some old tin mining plants and some of us also got the experience of body-rafting! Then we went back Dimal Chalet and cleaned up ourselves and waited for our dinner. After we had our dinner, we had a ‘survivor knot session’ which is very crucial for those who always join extreme activities such as hiking. We learned a lot of survivor knot techniques and we even had a competition for this session.

The next day, we checked out from Dimal Chalet at 9am after we had our breakfast. All of us were brought to the entrance of Gua Tempurung for level 3 caving activity. Before we start, the safety briefing was given by the staff there and we also were provided with a helmet. We started our journey by passing through the concrete path up and down stairs. After 30 minutes of exploring, here comes the adventure time! There was an adrenaline pumping moment when we have to slide down to go to the next route. Even though it was just a couple meters, but it was challenging since there was no chance of reclaiming your grip and we were scared that our friends couldn’t catch us. Fortunately, all us were safe and we continued with shimming through small gaps, crawling through the rivers, jumping over gaps in the path and sliding on our bums up and down levels. After 3.5 hours of intense sweating and manoeuvring our body like a pretzel, we exited the cave. All of us really get wet and get in touch with nature once more!

We learned a lot through this program especially regarding teamwork, leadership skills, communication skills and handling the tense situation. Besides that, we also met new friends from MSI who have the same interest as us. It was such a great collaboration!

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Programmes Offered
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Campus Lifestyle
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Financial Assistance
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