'Feels like home'. That is how our students describe their feelings on staying at UniKL RCMP

JPT/BPP (R/727/6/0027) 08/18, MQA PA 0141

 UniKL RCMP Faculty of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers pharmaceutical education in Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) that is progressive, contemporary, and comparable to the pharmaceutical programmes offered in developed countries. The duration of the programme is four (4) years. Students are given ample opportunities to develop their potential and creativity. Graduates are expected to be able to communicate effectively and manage medical-related issues and contribute to the overall health of the community as qualified health care professionals.

 This undergraduate programme has been formulated in accordance with the requirements and standards set by the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia, the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), as well as guidelines from various international agencies including the International policy and guidelines (WHO Guidelines) for Good Pharmacy Education and Practice. Teaching and learning methods have been designed to support the acquisition of knowledge, professional development, as well as the necessary soft skills. In general, the teaching and learning methods include self-directed learning, practical sessions, clinical attachment, internship and also educational visits.


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Programmes Offered
Programmes Offered
12 medical and health sciences programmes offered to you
Campus Lifestyle
Campus Lifestyle
UniKL RCMP places its students as its most valuable assets. hence we provide various interactive courses to ensure our students’ development. The impressive arrays of learning facilities available in UniKL are a testament to UniKL’s commitment to excellence. These learning facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to create an environment that replicates the real working world.
Tunku Azizah Learning Centre
Tunku Azizah Learning Centre
The centre is well equipped with a wide range of selections on medical related topics as well as a fairly good collection of leisure reading material besides a variety of academic journals and magazines
UniKL RCMP provides a conducive environment for students to engage in academic pursuits with facilities such as a well-equipped library and state of the art academic facilities such as specialised laboratories for teaching and research. There are recreational and sporting facilities located nearby the college.
UniKL RCMP values its bond with its alumni and works hard to generate links with our alumni throughout Malaysia and the world at large.
Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Scholarships and loans are available for deserving students

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