'Feels like home'. That is how our students describe their feelings on staying at UniKL RCMP


UniKL is an international university which has established a reputation for excellence in technical education and research. It offers students a unique combination of high academic standards, and employment opportunities together with a strategic location in a beautiful natural setting. Our undergraduate and postgraduate students experience a competitive environment with abundant opportunities for social recreational activities. UniKL is also forging partnerships with others academic institutions to ensure that we are on the right track and remain relevant to the ever-changing educational and vocational environment.


UniKL has always maintained a very high quality in its teaching and training. As such, courses taught at UniKL are recognised by corporate leaders and professional bodies of the respective industries. Strategic partnerships with key industrial players have been fostered to ensure UniKL can continuously leverage on all the latest technologies and resources provided by partners for academic and research purposes.


International Student Exchange Mobility (ISEM) is a programme that encourages and promotes the exchange of students between institutions for one or two posting(s)/semester(s) of study at the host university (abroad) that usually allows credit transfer to the degree programme in the student's home university. This exchange will provide the students with the academic experience and exposure that will add value to their course of study.

At UniKL RCMP, international students are welcome to do their posting(s)/semester(s) in medical & health science fields. UniKL RCMP is registered with GEMx (Global Education Exchange in Medicine & Health Professions). This initiative encourages the exchange of more inbound and outbound students. Institutions participating in GEMx (GEMx Partners) form a community that works to advance international educational exchange in medicine and the health professions and provide increased access to high-quality elective opportunities for students in these professions.