UniKL RCMP accommodation service centre is located at the campus. The accommodation building is within easy access from all teaching and learning facilities at No. 3, Jalan Greentown, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.

Our hostel accommodation consists of spacious rooms which are shared by 4 students each. Priority for hostel accommodation is given to first year students. Each room comes with four single beds, 4 cabinets and 4 study tables.  Unlimited Internet facilities are available at the hostel. Students have access to recreational facilities such as TVs rooms as well as enjoy the convenience of laundry services and a gym which will be set up very soon, a shopping complex and a super market which are nearby.

Apart from hostel accommodation at the college, students may also rent rooms or houses and live among their friends in the vicinity of the college.  They can rent from individual tenants or agents. The rental here is quite reasonable at around RM150 - 250 per room or RM400 - RM600 for a house.



Zamani Learning Hub

The wealth of knowledge with full range of medical selections as well as leasure reading. Pay a visit to the Zamani Learning Hub (Library) of UniKL RCMP


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