Dr Izzuddin’s  Journey

My success story started when my parents encouraged me since I was young and told me that nothing is impossible in this world as long as we have faith in Allah and never give up on our dream. I nearly gave up on my ambition to become a doctor when I didn’t get good marks in my matriculation. However, after given a chance by UniKL RCMP to attend an interview despite my grades being just enough (above minimum) for the requirement, finally I was given the opportunity to pursue my ambition. With dedicated lecturers and teaching modules, I was able to complete my degree well and all the training received was helpful during my working period.  Alhamdullilah, now I am able to serve the society as a responsible and competent doctor.

The most memorable moment that I had in college was when I joined the Rural Health Campaign organized by RM3. I’ve learned a lot of values in life and it gave me different perspectives of the rural community that most people are not familiar with. Their lives are more fun and simple.  I have learned to be grateful for whatever I have now and it has  made me feel more open to lend my hand to help people.

In 2012, I was appointed as the President of the Students Representative Council, UniKL RCMP.  I’ve gained much experience and was able to mix around and mingle with students and the management of UniKL RCMP.


Mohd Izzuddin bin Abu Bakar

Alumni of Medical Bachelor and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) UniKL RCMP

Now a Medical Officer, Medical Department

Hospital Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.


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