Welcome to the Student Development and Campus Lifestyle Division (SDCL), UniKL RCMP website. The Student Development and Campus Lifestyle Division (SDCL) comprises of three sections namely Student Development (SD), Campus Lifestyles (CL) and Marketing and Students Recruitment & Admission (MeSRA). Our main aim is to encourage interactions among students and the society. We also encourage students to participate in the wide range of available events outside of the classroom.

The Student Development and Campus Lifestyle Division’s (SDCL) sole purpose is to foster the right environment and provide opportunities and interactions to enrich their wholesome learning. Concurrently the division also promotes students to develop a healthy, reflective, empathetic, responsible, and culturally intelligent lifestyle so as to become honourable citizens and responsible leaders. Recent research shows that students who are actively involved in the educational process and participate in student activities on campus are more likely to succeed in their careers.

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