Student Life at UniKL RCMP Campus is led by the Deputy Director of SDCL, Professor Dr. Noorzaid Bin Muhammad. His key objective in SDCL is to ensure that the UniKL President & CEO Prof. Datuk Dr. Mazliham Mohd. Su'ud’s Mission and Vision of nurturing academically and socially well balanced graduates is realized.

At UniKL RCMP, students’ personality development is enhanced through participation in courses and activities offered by Student Development & Campus Lifestyle Division (SDCL). Many events are offered for students such as academic based activities, co-curricular activities, clubs, sports and residential activities. SDCL assists and provides a conducive environment where students are able to develop their personal growth positively. Students are encouraged to conduct events independently to develop lifelong learning skills and help them develop a well-balanced personality.

Through a wide range of available events, competitions, seminars, conferences and workshops, students will be able to gain opportunities to be involved locally or globally where their active participation will be highly recognized by UniKL. SDCL UniKL SCOPE aims to produce graduates to be lifelong learners, altruistic leaders, highly competent individuals and noble citizens who will be ready to serve the country in the future.



S- Self Awareness & Integrity

C- Communication Skills & Professional Sociability

O- Open Mindedness & Lifelong Learning

P- Practical, Scientific & Problem Solving Skills

E- Entrepreneurial Ability



Zamani Learning Hub

The wealth of knowledge with full range of medical selections as well as leasure reading. Pay a visit to the Zamani Learning Hub (Library) of UniKL RCMP


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